Criminal Law, Family Law And Divorce Attorneys: St. Charles And Wheaton Areas

The Law Offices of Michelle Moore & Kim DiGiovanni is committed to providing clients throughout the St. Charles and Wheaton areas with candid and comprehensive legal advice for some of their most significant personal matters. Clients seek our legal guidance when they are facing difficult challenges in family matters and when they need criminal defense advice from experienced former prosecutors.

In fact, both of our firm's founding lawyers, Michelle Moore and Kim DiGiovanni, began their careers by devoting a number of years of public service as criminal prosecutors. As a result, they hold insights into how the other side thinks, insights clients want to have at their disposal during their own defense cases.

Experienced Former Prosecutors. Knowledgeable Advocates.

Ms. DiGiovanni regularly draws on this experience when it comes to defending her clients' rights in complicated family disputes. She understands how to examine a case and provide clients with their best legal options even when the situation may involve highly emotional conflicts with loved ones and close relatives.

Ms. Moore vigorously protects the rights of her criminal defense clients in a broad variety of areas. She helps clients understand all of their legal options so they can choose from those options confidently and intelligently.

Their experience affords them the seasoned legal judgment that clients seek. Because they work closely with each of their clients, they know how to individually tailor their legal advice to a client's particular circumstances.

Experienced Criminal Law, Family Law And Divorce Attorneys: St. Charles Area

We welcome inquiries from potential clients. Please schedule an initial consultation online or by calling our firm at 630-871-1000. All communications remain confidential.